Los Angeles Exterior Drain Systems Installation and Repair

Is there water leaking into your foundation?

Has water started pooling around your home or yard?

Is your property suffering from an inadequate drainage system?

We are exterior drain systems contractors in Los Angeles, and we’re happy  to help!

Our expert crew provides exterior drain systems services for both commercial and residential buildings in order to help owners permanently address drainage issues on their property. We service the greater Los Angeles area with custom exterior drain systems solutions, including sump pumps, French drains, drain boxes, catch basins, flo-wells, and much more!







exterior drainage system
Exterior Drain Systems los angeles

    Exterior Drain Systems los angeles
    Exterior Drain Systems los angeles

    Understanding Drainage System Problems

    If your home or business is experiencing drainage issues, you’re likely wondering how the problems have started. Our team of exterior drain systems experts is here to help you understand the cause of your drainage failure so that together we can select the best solution for your property. We offer a wide array of exterior drain systems solutions in order to find a customized solution that works best for your drainage situation. To best help identify the nature of your drainage problem, we perform a free inspection to discover the root of your drainage failure. Then we work with you, the client, to craft a custom solution that will satisfy your individual drainage needs.

    As one of the premier exterior drain systems installers in Southern California, we are dedicated to tackling each job with the same high standards of craftsmanship and customer service that have made us a trusted name among Los Angeles area contractors. Allow us to help you navigate your drainage problems today.

    Are you ready to get started on your custom drainage solution? We’re happy to answer any questions along the way!







    A brief overview of exterior drain systems —

    Drain boxes/catch basins

    If you’re looking for the ultimate exterior drain systems solution, drain boxes and catch basins can be installed around your foundation exterior for serious water intrusion protection. These drainage systems direct water away from the foundation and are able to handle large amounts of water for comprehensive yard drainage. Drain boxes and catch basins are installed in trenches and covered with gravel for smooth drainage. These  exterior drain systems are valued for their low clogging rates.

    French drains

    One of the more widely found exterior drain systems, French drains transport water away from the crawl spaces underneath your home to prevent it from collecting into pools. They are installed along the perimeter of your home’s foundation and underneath the crawl space floor in order to keep your property protected.

    In the event of water seeping underneath crawl spaces, the French drain will redirect the water away from the home to prevent possible water damage.

    Sump pumps

    Sump pumps are a trusted exterior drain systems solution that is frequently installed in a basin underneath crawl spaces.

    Sump pumps are equipped to direct large quantities of water away from the home to prevent it from pooling and causing harm to the foundation.

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    Los Angeles area homes can benefit from sump pump installation due to the continual flood risk that the area experiences.

    Additional solutions to consider

    Our talented and highly trained team of exterior drain systems experts are happy to install any drainage solution that meets your needs. We can install all drainage systems on the market, as well as offer soil grading services and full repairs for any problematic drainage systems. Some of our other requested drainage solutions include flo-wells, trench drains/channel drains, rounded grates, pop-up emitters, atrium grates, and more.

    Your expert exterior drain systems installers!

    At Exterior Drain Systems Los Angeles, we strive to offer superior service to both commercial and residential buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. We work to ensure that customers can have the drainage system of their dreams at a price that matches their personal budget. Call today to get started on your drainage system collaboration. We’ll work with you every step of the way from our free inspection to discussing all options to fine-tuning the details for your custom drainage installation. Allow our seasoned and skilled team to make the exterior drain systems process as stress-free and easy as possible so that we can have your building safeguarded from water intrusion in no time. Our free inspection means you can receive a better understanding of your drainage situation without any obligations!

    Mission statement

    At Exterior Drain Systems Los Angeles, we want to help homeowners in the Los Angeles area secure their loved ones and investments one household at a time. We know first-hand that a house is only as safe as its structural integrity. That’s why we specialize in foundation work, repair, installation, and replacement in addition to our wide array of premium Southern California exterior drain systems solutions.

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    Juan is the best and helped put my mind at ease in regards to my exterior drainage. I can't recommend The California Foundation Works and Juan enough! My yard is ready for winter.

    Kim Leve
    Kim Leve

    I can't say enough good things about this company. They didn't run away from a tough project - and many people do when they see complete mess as my back yard. They exhibited the same care for my home as if it was there own and there customer service can't be beat. Highly Recommended!

    Kane Wolf
    Kane Wolf

    As a homeowner, you need a good drainage company to recommend to you different options when you need to fix your drainage system. California Foundation works fits the bill and more--They deserve the best review! Thank you Luke for your honest hard work!

    Ani Kerdish
    Ani Kerdish